My camera opens doors fuels my curiosity. Current technological advancements allow me to spread my visual wings much further afield. I am fascinated by the beauty of life and our interconnectivity. I am hardworking, easy to work with, friendly, obsessed with the beauty around me and the ways I can communicate that through my camera. I see the world ethnographically, inside out, gaging people and places their stories how they navigate their surroundings. Travel for me is not about hopping on a Contiki Bus and drive by shooting through nameless places greeting nameless faces. Its about spontenaity, the beauty of engaging with a local person their surroundings their world, immersing yourself but also enjoying the beauty and the marvel from a non jaded distance – celebrating the potential, the human connectivity, the beauty of life around me! pick me – An African in the Snow.

The world has changed since we woke today, everyone knows that. Its on continous espresso mode thanks to the beauty of social networking and advanced technology that allows us to communicate with the push of a button. As a young photographer/filmmaker based at the bottom arse end of South Africa this has been a great advantage for kick starting my career. Back in the old days of film and print and bioscopes and vintage suits I would not have managed to have the same opportunities I have had so far in my fledgling career. At the age of twenty five I am well connected. Starting out at a prestigious documentary photography school in Johannesburg connected me with international publications and artists, group shows and a multitude of opportunities. From being published in Camera Austra to National Geographic Traveller to a Dutch bank using my images in their annual report. Studying Anthropology at University for four years has honed my people skills, my communication methods and the way I use my visual talent. I have lived in various parts of the world including Peru, Edinburgh, London and most recently Cape Town. I have friends and contacts across the globe.

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